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We have Certified Solid Works Professionals prepared to make your ideas a reality. This eliminates the need for multiple prototypes, and saves time, material and money for you. 3D CAD drawings improve the accuracy and consistency of products as they streamline the manufacturing process.

CNC Laser Cutting

Our Bystronic BySpeed 4020 Laser has a 4-meter by 2-meter cutting surface. Its a high-speed CO2 laser system known for high productivity and solid design. This system is maximised with a load and unload table to keep it cutting at high efficency.

CNC Hi-Def Plasma Cutting

Our high definition AKS CNC plasma, runs on a 12 foot by 10 foot table. This unit has an optional bevel head, cuts at 400 amps and up to 2” plate thickness.

CNC Forming

With our CNC Durma hydraulic press brake we offer a bending length of 14 feet at 352 imperial Tons. This means we are capable of bend ⅜” A36/44W plate at a length of 12 feet, and 6 feet of ½” A36/44W plate.


Fabworks employes welders with up to 35 years of experience, we have the expertise, confidence and skills to fabricate any project to your satisfaction. 

Milling and Lathe

We have a DMV-500 Milling Machine capable of 2.5 D milling with a 40” by 20" table. We offer custom Lathe work as well.


To finish your projects we have a 60’ long by 17.5’ X 17.5’ commercial certified wet paint booth. We offer a chemical wash prep system and sandblasting facilities. If you need powder coating or hot dip galvanizing for your project we can provide that as well.


We have experience in assembling projects of various sizes, varying from the fire protection industry to the agricultural industry.

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